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Tools and Supplies

( you will have a detailed review of all the supplies we will use at the very beginning of the workshop)

You probably own most of the tools we will use, if you paint and do some kind of artistic craft, check first before buying. I give you places where you can find them online or similar supplies to the ones I use, but you don't necessarily have to buy these specific brands. You can probably find as good brands locally .or online, I just added these links and brands to help you .

Just be careful with the Mulberry paper, I give you the very specific type of mulberry paper I use, as there are a lot variations available online, so you need to pick up the good one .

Where to buy them ?

At home :

- Newspapers

- Light thin Cardboard (like a Cereal box )

- Pocket tissues

- Scissors

In Fine Arts store, or online

- Cutting pliers and pliers ,

- Acrylic painting,

-A metallic acrylic color, gold, copper or silver if you prefer, by Lukascryl pastos , this brand has beautiful , very pigmented and lasting metallic colors

you can find it here (but check out your favorite shops too they may have it):

UK:on Great Art E-store

US: onArt Supply Wholesale

- paintbrushes,

- Thin silver dust glitter,

- Nylon wire ,( between diam:between 0,15 and 0,25 mm ),

-White kraft paper roll without any lines , totally white ( it’s usually sold in fine arts shops in rolls 10 meters long)

UK: Amazon

- 3 large sheets of Mulberry white paper 65x95cm or 25" x 37" 25 gsm you can find on these shops:


U.S : it is hai Unryu/Mulberry Paper - WHITE 25 GSM on this site

- Optional: golden leaves like those Amazon

In Supermarket or DIY store or online:

- White Woodglue,

- 1,1mm 0,4"iron wire, on Amazon

- Cutting pliers and pliers like some tof those, (but 1 plier and 1cutting plier are enough) on Amazon