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2 Workshops Bundle

This bundle will no longer be available after february 28 2018

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Last days left to enroll in this Bundle as it will close its doors completely after february 28th 2018.

These 2 workshops were the very first ones to open in 2016 and now after 2 years the princess cat will close its doors forever.

But enrolled Apprentice Magicians keep unlimited access to all the content even after the 28th.


Master Paper sculpting. Learn how to sculpt a standing Princess Cat character and magical accessories with mulberry paper and kraft paper

Give life to paper. Learn how to give life to a plain and basic supply, shape a head, hands, paint eyes, imitate hair.

Become a Paper fairy tale couturiere. Learn how to imitate fabric, cut and shape a baroque fairy tale dress ribbons ,and boot.

You will learn step by step the paper techniques I use everyday in my artwork You will be amazed with what you can do with such a basic supply.

You will learn with these two workshops to create a beautiful cat and his little cage, and also a lot of accessories and little decors as mushrooms and strawberries with over 8 hours of video content to watch .

Princess Cat , on its own is priced at $150 USD, and Accessories for a princess at $80 USD. Get both in this bundle for 20% off: $180 USD

Now enter my enchanted Atelier and let's do some magic together!

Courses Included with Purchase/ Ateliers Inclus

Accessories for a Princess
Learn how to create a Chandelier, a Pretty Crown, Magical Mushrooms and other decors
Laetitia Miéral
Cat Princess
This Workshop is now closed forever.
Laetitia Miéral

Original Price: $80


"I was SO excited to participate inthe online class. It was a complete JOY on all levels. I had no hesitation what so ever to attend.

During the class I learned so many great things !! I leaned helpful new techniques in painting eyes, I struggled with in the past. I learned to think about paper in many different ways. I have always loved using textiles in my art work and I LOVE how she showed us how to use paper like DRAPED fabric!!

I am thinking of ways to use paper as fabric everywhere ! I loved the presentation of every video! I came to adore her Laetitia. Her sweet way of encouraging us to make it "very very pretty” or "super pretty” has stolen my heart !! :) it was a delight to participated it and she shared her heart with us.

She is very generous with her techniques and information, and tips during every video ! I loved the angles she shots the lesson with and that she made it difficult on yourself to provide a great shot… quality. I like that there were loose measurements … it casual and thats good sometimes when doing art !

I loved that the lessons were challenging but with her help very achievable. The accessories classes lead to endless possibilities to imagine after learning this technique.

If you hesitate to dive into these beautiful lessons in Laetitias workshop for ANY reason..

DO IT ! They are truly magical, and I know magic !!! :) "

- Kellie Welch,BlackBird Atelier, Ardmore Ok, USA


For Beginners and crafters of all kind

These workshops will suit beginners, and patient crafters of all kind unfamiliar with paper who would like to learn more about it, and who are curious enough to explore and experiment new techniques .

Create a standing character with paper from head to toe and fairy tale accessories

You will learn :

-To create a beautiful 45cm high Princess cat

-To paint papers and paint different flowers and stripes patterns

-To use and sculpt Kraft paper and mulberry paper which are the two main papers we will use

-To use and sculpt the character with mulberry paper

- How to build the structure, to sculpt hands and foot with paper

-To sculpt and paint the head, add whiskers and hair

-To shape the papers and dress and create a beautiful costume for your cat

-How to sculpt all sort of ornaments, flowers, bows, ribbons

-How to do a beautiful laced boot

-How to create a nice patina to the costume and gold finishes

-To sculpt a little cage

-To create magical mushrooms and strawberries

-To sculpt a chandelier, a Princess Crown, a Scepter

-And to sculpt a little bird


Unlock your Creativity

I will teach you to use and adapt my techniques with your own ideas. At the end it's all about showing you how inspired and creative you are .

Self Paced Class

Follow the class at your own pace, complete it in 2 days or 2 months .

Anywhere, Anytime

You have unlimited access to the workshop, available anywhere from any device.

Share your progress with other students

Once signed up for the workshop you 'll have access to a private group, to share your photos with other students from every continent following the same workshop. I'll be in touch with you there as well .

Learn from a Paper Magician

I worked with paper for 15 years ,and taught myself all the techniques I'm using now and will teach you.

Exclusive Workshop

You won't find this class anywhere else, I don't teach it anywhere else.

How does it work ?

These 2 classes are made of videos (over 8hours and a half of edited video content in total ) divided in modules and sections you 'll take the class completly at your own pace. (You never need to be online at a specific time) and all the course materials are available to you forever from My courses page here, you can follow the videos on a pc, mac, phone or any device you prefer. And Students from all around the world are most welcome to join me !

(read the faq below for more details)


Skills you 'll need:

As a beginner Paper Magician, you are here to learn the magic, as for any art and craft workshop: patience, a thirst to learn and a good apron, are what you need to start these classes. You have the list of all the supplies we will use to start these classes, right here. Most of the supplies are really inexpensive and easy to find in your area, in the supermarket, DIY shop and online and you probably already have most of them at home.
Of course if you have experimented some kind of painting, drawing, sculpting, crafting of any kind it's even better, if you are an advanced magician it will be probably a little easier for you.

Your Instructor

Laetitia Miéral
Laetitia Miéral

I'm Laetitia Miéral, a Paper Magician, living in a little fairy kingdom in St Etienne France. You are invited in my Online Atelier, to learn my Paper Ma gic. So take your apron, scissors, have a seat and let's do some magic together ! Read more

If you have any question about the workshops read the Faq here


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work ?

When you purchase a course you’ll create an account that will grant you immediate access to all the videos and pdfs Files in within, then you can decide to watch all the videos, organized in modules and sections, you can also use the written version of the course, which is a downloadable (about 150pages) PDF Ebook with explanations and detailed photos following the same order than the videos .

The server will keep track of your progress as you complete each course so you can pick up where you left off at any time, it will be very convenient even on a different device, and then you could really complete it at your own pace .

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course, you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
I am a complete beginner, is this course for me ?

Of course ! I made all these courses for beginners, but they will also suit persons who have few skills. Most people who came in my workshop these past years had never draw a face, painted eyes, never sculpted anything, had no idea how to cut a dress, nor to sculpt Mulberry paper. But they still wanted to learn the magic of paper and do something beautiful. And that's exactly what they did, and that's the very reason I started to do my classes, to show to my students that with help, few rules , patience, and a thirst to learn you can achieve anything and unlock the crazy and unexpected creativity within yourself ! And moreover I never saw anyone after my classes sad and wishing they never started, quite the opposite ! You will be surprised with what you can accompish . And beginners are most welcome !

What do I need to do the class ?

Mainly paintings, brushes, pliers, kraft, mulberry paper and woodglue but check this page You will find the list of the supplies needed and where to buy them online or in your area .( and of course a computer with an internet connection who can play hd videos easily. )

How long do I need to complete the course?

Well it's really up to you, it was a jam packed 2 days workshop in my kingdom, and was about 16 hours long. Perhaps you will need to watch some videos several times, need to try and experiment things on your own, you may need three full days,or a series of afternoons, few hours here and there on several months, it depends on your schedule, and the amount of free time you have. But as you will have access to a private group shared with other students of the same course you might be stimulated by what others accomplish !

Will you be in touch with me as I am following the workshop?

I will be in touch with all the students through the private group, could track your progress on the other side of the website and see your pictures and questions in the private group but it's not a one on one class .

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Any other question ?

Feel free to ask ! if you still hesitate or don't see your question answered in the list. Email me at [email protected]

This course is not open for enrollment.