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February News

The 18th Century Shoe House Workshop reopens february 12.

All my workshops are especially made for beginners and amateurs.

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Creations made and sent by Apprentice Magicians

enrolled in different workshops in January 2023 and december 2022

Helen's Toxic Flowers from the Halloween Workshop In the Witch's Garden

Patricia's Nutcracker and swans

Elizabeth's lighted Swans she made in autumn 2022 from the Nutcracker Workshop.

Niki's snail she made in october 2022 from the Halloween Workshop A Tea Time with a Witch

Helen's Silhouettes from the Christmas Workshop Christmas old fairy Tale she finished this summer 2022

Elizabeth's Silhouette from from the Christmas Workshop Christmas old fairy Tale

"I absolutely loved doing this workshop. As a beginner it was easy and so much fun! I can highly recommend this"

Niki, Australia enrolled in the Shoe House Workshop in april 2022

Lorraine, New Zealand enrolled in the Shoe House Workshop in april 2022

"Finally I finished!!! It was very fun and gratifying!! "

Claudia, US. enrolled in the Shoe House Workshop in april 2022

Here is a photo of Michelle's carriage after joining the carriage workshop she has just completed this spring.

Creations made and sent by Apprentice Magicians

enrolled different workshops in

fall/Winter 2021-2022

"What a fantastic course and all so easy to follow. With feedback from Laetitia whenever you need it.
It’s no pressure, pick up and put down as and when you are able, so it’s perfect to fit around your commitments. And of course you can take as long as you like.

I took about 6 months on my deer.
Highly recommended for anyone considering having a go. You really can do it and get a great result.

Nicky enrolled in the Deer hunt trophy and the Halloween Workshop - England - October 2021

Creations made in january 2021

'' My husband and I decided to go with a fairytale theme for house. I became extremely excited when I found these courses. I recently began the carriage workshop and must say that I am officially addicted to these courses. I cannot wait to begin my next workshop and will be attending numerous other workshops in the future. This lady is truly a " paper magician" and I feel fortunate to be one of her many "apprentice magicians".

She is truly magical and such a wonderful person. She is quick to respond to questions and emails, which I personally feel is very important when attending online workshops, and she answers my questions regardless of how simple minded they may seem. I cannot wait to continue working in her fairytale courses.

Alicia Malin - Texas - enrolled in the Elephant Doll, Wardrobe for an Elephant, Little Characters, Fairy Tale Carriage , Shoe House Accessories for a Princess .



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"If a novice such as myself can learn these paper techniques, anyone can.

And they are soooooo much fun to do!!!

Stephanie Crist, USA, Student of the Fairy tale Carriage, Princess Cat, the Shoe House and the Dollhouse Workshops


"I had done some paper mache before but I still learned so much from this workshop , not only new techniques but I also refined some other techniques I’d used."

Sally Redfield , USA, Student of the Halloween, The christmas and the Dollhouse Workshops

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